Mindfulness & Yoga: LOOKING FOR BALANCE

Baraka Mindfulness buscando el Equilibrio
MINDFULNESS: LOOKING FOR BALANCE   The balance between body and mind is essential to achieve a full and harmonious life and increase our health and well-being. Working our emotions and feelings, or work the discomfort related to stress, anxiety or pain, requires tune body and mind, learn to relax, know how the mind affects the body and the body in the mind. Our body-mind is, in addition, the abode of our conscience, which we must develop to realize ourselves and achieve the fullness, the wisdom. And this is where Mindfulness meditation comes into play, (mindfulness). It is amply proven that this type of meditation, which focuses on full attention to everything that is happening here and now, helps us to investigate in order to get to know ourselves in depth. With Mindfulness we learn how our mind works, how our thoughts affect us, how emotions arise and take hold of us, how stress, anxiety, worry, pain generate suffering for us. In addition, through Midfulness meditation, the organism relaxes, reduces blood pressure, improves attention, concentration and memory, strengthens the immune system, rests better …

Baraka Fer Gorostiza

Fer Gorostiza

Instructor in Mindfulness

Mindfulness instructor specializing in Protocol 2 half of life. Yoga teacher. Yoga therapist. Instructor and philologist.