Although science has been studying the benefits of meditation for at least 40 years, it is only in the past five years that there has been an authentic explosion of publications and articles on the subject. Baraka’s Meditation school has been supportive in not only these current searches but also in traditional texts, in order to offer a secular and non-dogmatic teaching, oriented towards psychological well-being and personal development.

The scientific literature points out that the benefits of the practice of meditation are derived from 4 mechanisms: a) regulation of care; b) body awareness; c) emotional regulation and d) changes in the «I» perspective, which means that, having developed the capability to self-observe in a non-reactive way,the best quality of the meditative mind- one can observe the sensations, the emotions and the thoughts that one used to think were realities, like ongoing activities of the organism, an organism that is conditioned by all the habits and patterns developed throughout life. The de-automation of all these reactions, patterns and habits provides satisfaction and a sense of freedom that invites us to kindness, joy and altruism.

The continued practice of meditation prevents discomfort, develops awareness of the present moment and advances the evolutionary development of humans and species; It is a work that is both personal and collective, all of which makes it very convenient to have a referred group that supports and sustains the practice.

Being part of the school guarantees a personalized treatment from the instructor, who will be able to guide you in readings and appropriate practices to do on your own time, not to mention weekly classes, and the possibility of coming to meditate for free two afternoons during the week and one Sunday morning a month. We await you! 2019-20 PROGRAM