Intermediate YOGA

Baraka Yoga Intermedio

My group classes are designed to address health as a holistic concepts of wellbeing, physical, emotional and mental health.
With over 20 years of yoga teaching experience, I felt the need to differentiate groups by their levels of experience, because that allows me to follow the needs of each student attentively and respectfully.
My experience as a Yoga therapist in the tradition of Krishnamacharya and Desikachar, makes my classes dynamic and pays special attention to the respiratory aspect and postural keys, so the whole session has a meditative quality marked by the conscious presence.

Baraka Lourdes Berrondo



Yoga teacher by Sadhana school. Professor Grazia Suffriti, of whom I have been a student for more than 18 years, contributes in my training. Mindfulness instructor by the Baraka Institute of Integral Psychology. Integral Yoga training for children and adolescents by the integral yoga school Mahashakti.