We offer weekend and week retreats.
We have developed a work structure oriented at the intensive practice of Mindfulness. Physical work are combined with mental work and close attention is paid to mental processes.
All this with a commitment to silence of speech and gestures.

Casa de Espiritualidad Haitzur: Egino (Álava- Araba) located in a pleasant and adequate environment, and will have a single room with bathroom and vegetarian food. The accommodation has bed linen and towels.

WEEKEND: 11 -13 Octuber
WEEK: 13 -19 Octuber
PLACE: Centro de Retiros Pio XII · Laranjeiras PDL · Ponta Delgada · Sao Miguel
INSCRIPTIONS: +351 962 566 588 ·

646 902 270 (Axier) from Tuesday to Thursday from 09:30 to 13:30

Baraka Fernando Rodríguez

Fernando Rodríguez Bornaetxea

Director of Psychotherapy and Meditation Master · Training in Mindfulness

Doctor of psychology and instructor of Vipassana. I’ve always been interested in the psychological field. Intellectually I have integrated all the models of psychotherapy, I have assisted people who suffer, including the transition to death, and meditated with patience and perseverance for 30 years.