Baraka retreats

We offer weekend and week retreats.
We have developed a work structure oriented at the intensive practice of Mindfulness. Physical work are combined with mental work and close attention is paid to mental processes.
All this with a commitment to silence of speech and gestures.

Casa de Espiritualidad Haitzur: Egino (Álava- Araba) located in a pleasant and adequate environment, and will have a single room with bathroom and vegetarian food. The accommodation has bed linen and towels.

Baraka Fernando Rodríguez

Fernando Rodríguez Bornaetxea

Director of Psychotherapy and Meditation Master · Training in Mindfulness

Doctor of psychology and instructor of Vipassana. I’ve always been interested in the psychological field. Intellectually I have integrated all the models of psychotherapy, I have assisted people who suffer, including the transition to death, and meditated with patience and perseverance for 30 years.

Baraka Isabel Markalain

Isabel Markalain

Meditation Instructor

In the late 80’s he received training from instructor Qi Gong at the School of Tai Chi Chuan in San Sebastián. Then from 1989 to 2001 he discovered Dhiravamsa and trained for 4 years as a meditation instructor. In 2014 he received the transmission of Dhiravamsa. Mindfulness Instructor.

Baraka Pablo Lasa


Mindfulness Instructor

Vipassana meditator. Dharma study with the teacher Fernando Rodríguez Bornaetxea. Meditative retreats in GOENKA. Mindfuless instructor trained in BARAKA. Creation, research and personal growth is the material with which he built the mast to navigate the “samsara”. Life tour: musician, composer, teacher, actor, computer programmer, meditator and father of three daughters.

Baraka Fer Gorostiza

Fer Gorostiza

Instructor in Mindfulness

Mindfulness instructor specializing in Protocol 2 half of life. Yoga teacher. Yoga therapist. Instructor and philologist.