Baraka Mindfulness Txiki

“When you understand who and what you are, your glow is projected into the universal glow and everything around you becomes creative and full of opportunities.”
Yogi Bhajan


Aimed at boys and girls from 6 to 12 years old.

The society in which we live imposes a frantic pace in our lives that makes it difficult for us to be in contact with our inner world. We are continually directed outwards, without rest. Our children constantly learn from what they experience around them, and their tendency is to copy the behaviors and habits of those who are their referents. It is obvious that we need to provide them with tools that allow them to get in touch with themselves so that, in the future, they have skills that they can use to live the life they want and that we would like for them. Mindfulness is one of these tools that can help you pay attention to what is happening to you, in the present moment.

There are currently several scientific studies that support the benefits of Mindfulness in childhood and adolescence. Among these benefits are the following:
· Increased attention and other cognitive processes
· Emotion regulation
· Increased body awareness and changes in one’s perspective.

All children can benefit from the practice of Mindfulness. There are multiple applications of Mindfulness in children and adolescents in the treatment of: school stress, depression, attention deficit and / or hyperactivity disorders, autism spectrum disorder, eating behavior disorders, borderline personality disorder, substance abuse, among others.

The goal of Mindfulness is to improve the quality of life of people by acquiring attention, full awareness and relaxation for activities of daily living and reducing the symptoms of disorders.

In Baraka we also want you to enjoy the practice and have fun.

Baraka Cati Martín

Cati Martín

Instructora de Mindfulness · Terapeuta Gestalt

Agricultural Technical engineer and food technologist. Gestalt therapist. Mindfulness Instructor. Trained in the SAT program with Claudio Naranjo and in integrative Corporal work by AEC. Trained in photography by IEFC.