mindfulness 2 Mitad Vida

Learn to manage your life: all the worry, pain anxiety, stress and unhealthy emotions. Mindfulness Second Half of Life is a self-training program. Developed for all types of people who want to prepare for both physical and mental changes. These changes occur when one realizes that satisfaction does not come from personal achievements or professional successes but from maturity that is obtained through the process of aging. Once this is confronted, clarity presents itself and allows us not to cling to objects, ideas or particular states of consciousness.

The program requires an ongoing commitment of 8 weeks in which physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual aspects are worked on daily. Personalized monitoring of daily practices as well as group support and a specific material designed for people aged 38 to 98 years is provided.
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Baraka Fer Gorostiza

Fer Gorostiza

Instructor in Mindfulness

Mindfulness instructor specializing in Protocol 2 half of life. Yoga teacher. Yoga therapist. Instructor and philologist.