Mindfulness for Life is a training program based on the experience that I have been developing at work with many groups over 5 years.

We live in a society with endless stimuli, with a lot of pressure, without time, unable to disconnect the “autopilot” … that recurring feeling of “missing something”, that “something will happen”, to live permanently in a “Fleeing forward” between the pending and the possible, of feeling … “my head is going to 200”, I’m stressed, angry, distraught, nervous, sad, I don’t sleep …

Mindfulness or mindfulness, is a conscious, intentional way of tuning in to what is going on inside us (body and mind) and around us, moment by moment, with interest, curiosity and acceptance. This specific technique helps us acquire skills to heal and grow in our development, so that we can manage both the pleasant and critical events that life raises.

This course is designed to stop, evaluate and glimpse a path where the backbone is your well-being and that of your loved ones.

The focus of the course is experiential, with theoretical annotations and simple, practical and specific exercises, where an important part of the program is the practices to be developed at home.

Course objective
Provide attendees with Mindfulness practices and knowledge so that they can integrate their benefits into their daily lives:
• Increase states of calm and well-being, both physical and mental.
• Reduce the negative effects of stress, depression and anxiety states.
• Identify and regulate our emotions and our thoughts.
• Discover the interior place where there is relief and calm in the middle of the embarrassment.
• Relate in a healthy way.
• Learn to live the present, the here and now.
• Initiation to meditation.

“I have trained as a Mindfulness Instructor to help people find and enjoy the path, their own path”

Baraka Pablo Lasa


Mindfulness Instructor

Vipassana meditator. Dharma study with the teacher Fernando Rodríguez Bornaetxea. Meditative retreats in GOENKA. Mindfuless instructor trained in BARAKA. Creation, research and personal growth is the material with which he built the mast to navigate the “samsara”. Life tour: musician, composer, teacher, actor, computer programmer, meditator and father of three daughters.