Initiation to Meditation

Baraka meditación iniciación

In the Initiation group to meditation on Thursday afternoons we will dedicate time to the understanding and practice of mindfulness meditation. We will approach the practice both from the approach that current psychology offers about mindfulness as the more traditional approach.

The idea is that we approach the practice from all positions and in any day-to-day action. Talk about our experiences and acquire a clear understanding of the nature of the practice.

We will address the fundamental questions of the Dharma teachings and meditate based on the four foundations of mindfulness (body, sensations, mind and dharma). All with the purpose of establishing the practice of meditation in our daily lives as a tool of Liberation and Transformation. These techniques are for anyone who commits to them and as with any technique, exercise, repetition, habit and training over time develop capabilities that now they may seem out of reach.

Danel Iñurritegui


Mindfulness Instructor

I started as a vipassana meditator more than ten years ago at the Baraka school and retreats. I have trained as a mindfulness instructor. I have worked in the field of education: as a companion / teacher and psychomotorist with children, and as a mindfulness instructor with teachers and families. I have always been fascinated by the world of self-knowledge / growth and the world of teaching and that is where I learn and join with family and friends.