Baraka crecer meditando


The inquiry in the Vipassana, observing the changing nature of the body and the mind, develops our growth. Through continued practice, meditation eliminates the tensions that we accumulate in everyday life … the custom we have to react automatically to pleasant, unpleasant or neutral situations. Growth occurs when we are able to recognize, understand and transcend this reality.
Learning to live, the art of living consciously, is a universal cure and cleansing for universal problems.

• Grow meditating.
• Develop and consolidate the practice of meditation in everyday life.
• Share in group the experiences associated with the practice of meditation.
• Reduce suffering and learn to live in a more harmonious and healthy way.
• Be more and more aware.

It’s you!
Who has to discover and travel the road.
Have to work,
Fall in love with the present.

Baraka Pablo Lasa


Mindfulness Instructor

Vipassana meditator. Dharma study with the teacher Fernando Rodríguez Bornaetxea. Meditative retreats in GOENKA. Mindfuless instructor trained in BARAKA. Creation, research and personal growth is the material with which he built the mast to navigate the “samsara”. Life tour: musician, composer, teacher, actor, computer programmer, meditator and father of three daughters.