Baraka Atención y Procesos

“It takes a very delicate type of internal archeology to discover our totality, even if it is very well covered under layers of opinions, things we like and dislike and the dense fog of unconscious and automatic thoughts and habits, not to mention the pain… ” Jon Kabat-Zinn

The Workshop of Attention and Processes is experiential and is aimed at all those people who want to deepen their self-knowledge and evolve in a more lively and creative way. It is open to all people, whether or not they are practicing any of the activities offered in the workshop.

In each session of the workshop about 45 minutes of various meditative practices, 20 minutes of body practices (such as yoga, bones for life BFL and others) will be held, and the rest of the session will be devoted to treating the workshop process of the month, paying attention to how we interact with others and with ourselves, from an individual and group perspective.

The topics to be addressed in this first quarter of the course are, in an indicative manner (we reserve the right to expand or shorten a topic depending on the development of the sessions):




What are the processes?

Psychological processes are those that help forge a person’s personality based on their experience, beliefs and limitations.

Some of the basic psychological processes are:

· Perception: responsible for evaluating and understanding external stimuli through the senses, giving meaning to what we perceive.

· Language: process that gives us the ability to communicate with others.

· Thought: responsible for transforming information, organizing and providing meaning. Thought, to a large extent, is driven by emotional impulse.

· The attention: process in charge of focusing our resources on a series of stimuli and ignoring the rest.

· Motivation: the function of motivation is to generate enough energy for the person to direct the behavior towards their goals and objectives. It is a process very related to emotion and learning.

· Emotion: the function of emotion is to direct a person’s behavior quickly and effectively.

Knowing how we work, how we manage our processes, will allow us to release blockages, discard behaviors that cause us unhappiness and expand our awareness of our actions.

To expand knowledge about our processes, in the workshop we will train with meditation, sensory practice, emotional therapy and group dynamics. Compassion-love will be one of the axes of the workshop. Respect, loving listening and group participation shape aspects of the methodology that we will use for the development of the sessions. Thus, moving towards an awareness of a more real human dimension.

Reasons to undertake the workshop:

– Understand the meaning of things … why do they happen?

– Assume a full, more lively and creative life

– Fully respect others and make them respect us

– Embrace and work with the crisis, pain and suffering

– Participate actively in the evolution of consciousness

– Deepen the mystery of Life


Enrike Sorzabalbere

Instructor in Mindfulness

Industrial technical engineer, professor of the Sanatana Dharma school of Yoga, instructor in Mindfulness, instructor of “Bones for Life BFL”….. friend of Life.

Baraka Cati Martín

Cati Martín

Instructora de Mindfulness · Terapeuta Gestalt

Agricultural Technical engineer and food technologist. Gestalt therapist. Mindfulness Instructor. Trained in the SAT program with Claudio Naranjo and in integrative Corporal work by AEC. Trained in photography by IEFC.