THE WAY to Becoming an ELDER is a path of personal and collective transformation. On a personal level, human beings have to overcome old relational patterns, especially those that make us distrustful, reactive and often aggressive. Instead we need to develop a more empathetic and compassionate form of communication, as well as a creative attitude to life.

At a community level, human beings have to overcome old structures of collective organization, especially those that contain domination and abuse of power, and create organizations that mimic and sustain life, creating adequate spaces of participation, cooperative work and mutual learning.

The elder’s way is a proposal developed by José Luis Escorihuela, ‘ Ulysses ‘, based on a long experience as a facilitator of groups and a solid theoretical base, which includes social psychology, complex systems theory, process work (A. Mindell), the integral theory (K. Wilber), and nonviolent communication (M. Rosenberg), among others.